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Our range, all connected

MPG - Compact all-integrated

The MPG is a cost-effective heat pump specifically designed by VIVRECO for the comfort of less than 180m² new homes. It uses the free solar energy stored in the soil.

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G - G like Geothermal

Our G heat pumps' goal is to replace an existing boiler or to answer bigger needs. It works perfectly when coupled with a horizontal surface collector or a vertical probe.

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W - Groundwater performances

W for Water. As its name implies, the W draws heat from the relatively constant temperature groundwater to give you the most effective and efficient heating system.

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NEW! PAP - Natural Air/Water

With the PAP, VIVRECO renews its Air/Water range with a more efficient heat pump built to use a natural fluid, and without the need of an indoor unit!

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Welcome at Vivreco

We believe in and act for sustainable development in homes and buildings. We also believe in a clean, eco-responsible and cheap way to heat our habitat, helping us to diminish our fossil fuel consumption. And we do whatever we can to act on our scale.

But how to change things? Creating our own range of heat pumps and assuring the quality and the technical knowledge has helped us to acquire the trust of more than 4500 customers.

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It’s a passionate and qualified team, invested in a flexible and organised factory where each heat pump has been thoroughly tried on our test bench. We are manufacturing our machines at the heart of Lorraine, in France, with 19 years of experience in the world of heat pumps.

To go one step further in our mission, we are using 100% renewable energies in our offices and we recycle all of our production by-products.

WebControl as standard

We've been working on our remote control technology to include it as standard in all of our heat pumps. You can now access and operate your system from anywhere, on a desktop computer or directly from your phone connected to the internet. The future is here!
Our regulation system has been developed by our team, allowing us to have full control on customization and functionalities. Our regulation is unique and made for you.

Endless possibilities

Thanks to the easy configuration, you can have endless possibilities, for every kind of installation.

Professional system

Our system is based on Proface (by Schneider Electrics) and is made for the industry. Its durability and reliability are high-class.

Easy to Customize

Our regulation system has been thought out to be easy both for the customer and the installer. Installation and customization are as easy as it gets!

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