About us

We believe in sustainable development

19 years ago, Franck and his wife were looking for a clean and durable heating solution for their new home. Seduced by heat pumps and more specifically geothermal energy, they decided to develop it and created VIVRECO. Since then, the company has been promoting and installing heating systems using only renewable energy.

In 2009, to have better control over quality and specificities, Vivreco Heat Pumps was created. We started first with geothermal heat pumps, using soil or ground water sources. We then developed an all-integrated and compact heat pump, designed for newly built homes with tight budget. Lately, we have been focusing our attention on air to water heat pumps. Our latest innovation is a clean compact heat pump, using natural fluid with no greenhouse effect.

Total satisfaction of customers is the mantra of our company. It goes with quality, durability, reliability and user-friendliness.

EHPA LogoSince 2018, VIVRECO is part of the EHPA.


For our cars, our industry and our heating needs, we extract daily enormous quantities of crude oil. But worry not, our planet still has much of this precious fluid, and we can count on it for some years to come. Luckily for us, because we will need time to learn how to live without it !
Nevertheless, the amount of CO2 is rising, and we are already suffering the premises of climatic consequences. What will these consequences be when our consumption of fossil fuels has doubled ?
Despite pressure from the big oil lobby, politicians are starting to realise the problem, which goes to show the extent and urgency of the matter. Renewable energies are clean, cheap and by definition inexhaustible.

This is why we decided to focus only on systems using renewable energies.Franck Triboulot, CEO of VIVRECO
Vivreco's working process

We are always following our process, helping us to get our team focused and keeping in mind customer's satisfaction. We value team-work and each personnality in the team adds quality to our process.

Feedback & Discussion

Every development starts from feedback, while meeting with our customers.


Innovation is a key value in a company. Our team is working hard to deliver the best experience.


Production has to be quality-oriented and our workshop keeps it in mind at all time.