Ground water performances

W for Water. As its name implies, the W draws heat in the relatively constant temperature groundwater to give you the most effective and efficient heating system.

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The W is powerful. We can make it with two compressors. Put them in cascade. It can cover all your needs, from a regular house to a big castle. The W has many answers, taking its energy from the infinite groundwater source. We have a specific exchanger for even better performances.
We have been working a lot on sound insulation. Antivibration mounts and heavy insulation help the G to stay quiet (approximately 50dB).
W range can be coupled with any kind of heaters. Underfloor heating, radiators and such. It can manage up to 10 different areas. If you want, it can also produce domestic hot water, or even cool down your home.
Web Control
Our W range comes with the WebControl technology as standard. With an Internet connection, you can control the W from anywhere using our smartphone app or website.
Other features
Our regulation system can control an auxiliary boiler, and so much more depending on your installation.

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