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With the PAP, VIVRECO renews his Air/Water range with a more efficient heat pump that uses a natural fluid, and without the need of an indoor unit!

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modern compact air water heat pump
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One or two fans, one or two compressors, the PAP meet a large variety of needs and the production of hot water is standard. As its sisters of the G and W range, up to four PAP can also be used in parallel to answer the need of high power.
Thanks to its one or two high efficiency fans with owl's wings profile, the PAP settle a record in silence.
Being conceived as a single piece device, the PAP will use a lesser space in your boiler room. The hydraulic and regulation system are integrated in a box attached to the hot water tank.
Provided for every kind of heatig emitters, the PAP is connectable directly to underfloor heating, on radiators with a buffer balloon or on a swimming pool. You can also seperate any installation with up to 10 heating zones thanks to our own regulation system.
To ensure the best performances and due to environmental protection, the PAP has been developped with a natural fluid without greenhouse gas, the R290 (Propane).
Web Control
Our PAP range, as all of our VIVRECO heat pumps comes with the WebControl technology in standard. It only require a Internet connection to allow you and your client to control the PAP from everywhere using our dedicated apps or web space.
Modern and stylish, the PAP comes in 2 different colors.
Other features
As the Air/Water heat pumps loses in performance when external temperatures goes below 0°C, we can control an auxilary boiler thanks to our team built regulation system.

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